sweet Lucy -- an update.

Monday, November 9, 2015

That face, I love it.  My new favorite picture that is also my screensaver.  I guess there is something to be said about losing weight and muscle control.

I want to give a bit of an update on our girl, I apologize for not doing so sooner.  I'm a little superstitious I suppose, but saying things out loud sometimes scares me.  If I give voice to a thought, the universe may turn upside down on your peaceful little world.  Pessimistic, sure -- realistic though, it happens more often than not.

But, our Lucy is doing well!  She is a sleepy, always under your feet, snack obsessed, slower but still peppy, scary smart, calm and snuggly, tiny baby bladder, water bowl fiend, best friend till the end--kind of girl.

Her blood counts continue to rise, hovering around "low normal" levels.  She takes medicine four times a day but the weening off of steroids has begun and been quite positive.  She has lost weight and gained some back, but the muscle atrophy is something we didn't expect.  She isn't able to jump onto things i.e.: the couch, she walks slow and will play, but tires easily.  Although we took a short walk around the block last week, her first in over 3 months! We celebrated with extra snacks.  All in all, she is doing much better, each week seeming better than the last.

At this point we are pleasantly surprised/relieved/optimistic but also nervous/cautious/realistic/.  Not better, her immune system won't ever be, but as you can tell we are just happy to have her around.  Chris and I are both more attached to this silly dog; there have been real arguments on who gets more snuggle time at night.  I don't like to share.

Caring for a sick pet teaches you about life and love and relationships. Its been good and bad and I have shed some pretty ugly tears -- but we've learned through it and really thats all I can ask for.

And so I'm hopeful, another holiday season with our girl -- I'm looking forward to it immensely.


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  1. Sweet Lucy!! I have been so anxious to here how she is doing so thank you for posting about this!!