taking stock {november}

Friday, November 13, 2015

Making : Plans! for birthdays, holidays, saturdays, thursdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, camping, NYE.  Tis the season for a FULL calendar -- these months make life so so grand.
Cooking : Butternut squash at least twice a week -- how I haven't realized its glory until now is utterly beyond me. 
Drinking : the last sips of morning coffee.  But! looking forward to a Starbucks holiday drink{Chesnut praline latte!} for my birthday and a Hendricks gimlet this weekend, always.
Reading : Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand
Wanting : a pretty holiday dress, just like last year 
Looking: forward to turning another year older and all the festivities that follow -- 28! 
Playing: Christmas music on the radio already
Wasting: time worrying 
Wishing: myself and the dozens of friends and family members the Happiest of Birthday's this November!  Valentine babies unite. 
Enjoying: nights in. Dinner with him, then Netflix, and off to bed around 9:30 -- we're getting so old and I like it.  
Waiting: patiently until after Thanksgiving to break out the santa mugs 
Liking: crisp cool, early morning runs -- Fall is my favorite time of the year to run
Wondering: if I will ever commit-- blonde or brunette -- I can't decide!  Currently, brunette-ish again & currently unsure.  ITS A CURSE. 
Loving: the crunch beneath my feet, the smell of spiced pumpkin, bursts of orange and yellow,  november light, & coat wearing weather. 
Hoping: to make the best pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year & that my mom makes her pecan pie
Marveling: at life and love and marriage; and thinking I am the luckiest girl to have found mine so young.  Almost 13 years of him and I -- we are both the better for it.   
Needing: to mow the grass and do the last yard work of the year -- seen also as: sad/ we are the best procrastinators
Smelling: him as he walks out the door for work-- fresh, clean, and cologned
Daydreaming: of tropical destinations and log cabins 
Wearing: flannel and jeans and cowboy boots and pulling out the scarves and chunky knit sweaters 
Following: a list. always, always, always. 
Noticing: 4:45pm sunsets & 6:15am sunrises
Knowing: to interrupt anxiety with gratitude
Thinking: that if you blink, you might miss it.  Fall that is. 
Bookmarking: winter coats, Christmas pj's and gift ideas for family and friends
Opening: early birthday gifts -- BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! ps. I'm 12
Laughing: at Youtube videos together, in bed, on Saturday morning with coffee in hand and a corgi in between -- A favorite moment from last week.
Feeling: happy, excited, and ever thankful-- tis the season. 



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