Tuesday, November 17, 2015

celebratory and indulgent mixed with a little lazy and a bit of fun, a weekend to remember -- Birthday week{s} has officially commenced!

+ a day with him, he took me shopping and a fancy dinner out! early birthday celebrating is the best kind
+ dressing up, him in a sport coat -- me in fancy berry lips, I love how we go so well together
+ flowers for the table and sausage and grits for breakfast
+ a bounce house! for my favorite girl turning 12! November babes with birth stone necklaces to celebrate
+ homemade thai food on a friday,  I'm told it has offically ruined his takeout place, success!
+steak bone leftovers & a new winter coat -- HA, I KNOW.  But she's thinner and didn't seem to mind too terribly.
+pumpkins on the porch, fireplace envy, a frosty morning, and burning the last autumn scented candles
+ Trader Joes has officially undone me
+putting off chores and lists a little more, snuggling and snacking was the better choice for our Sunday


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