and on the weekend before Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

we drove down to the beach for a visit with family.  Squeezing in as much as we can, two days never feels like enough, and seeing everyone is sadly mere impossible.  We filled our time with a fishing day, a beach run and a farm visit with mom -- seeing his parents for a great lunch and a walk in the growing town where he grew up.  But as I recall, most of our time was spent by the fireplace and lights of the Christmas tree -- talking, laughing, eating cookies; just savoring each other and our short but precious time together.  

a few favorite moments: 
+ scottie dogs, one 15 one 13, sweet old girls, finding their perfect spots under the tree
+stockings hung -- all four of us "kids"
+ a beach to run on, all by my lonesome
+ Christmas plates and plaid napkins
+ NC weather, outdoor lunch sitting, in December
+ all of us, laughing at the dinner table -- I wonder how many stories have been told there
+ a dash by the best lights -- blurry and bright photos to remember them by, I totally love it.


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