its time for mistletoe and holly

Thursday, December 17, 2015

a few things: 
+ how many Christmas tree pictures is considered too many?  because as always, I've most likely surpassed that limit. 
+ Christmas cookie and candy baking has my house smelling like the north pole bakery, a real place indeed. 
+ Target's winter wonderland of wapping paper, ornaments, cards and candy -- gives me major heart eyes!
+ a Santa mug filled with coffee, advent reading by the Christmas tree while watching the sun come up -- my favorite moment so far this season
+  who knew real Christmas trees need so much water!?!?  Also, why is this my job?
+ the sight of Lucy laying in front of the Christmas tree makes my heart do flips, every single time.
+ someone doesn't understand the idea of hiding the Christmas pickle
+ feeling the nostalgia, loving the traditions, but also feeling a bit more blue this Christmas-- I think it comes with age. 

8 days until Christmas!  Who's done shopping!  -- not me.
merry merry!


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