january miscellany

Friday, January 29, 2016

a lovely January indeed.  bouncing from sunny and sixty to snowy and freezing we've had a nice mix of it all.  keeping us on the lookout for warming days but also enjoying winter and the hibernating of it all too.

favorites from this month:
+ a trip to Asheville and its entirety
+ Lucy turned 7! celebrated with homemade treats, of course
+ our Christmas ham turned into soup --aka, the best soup ever
+ weekends full -- with dinner dates and lunch dates and at home dates too
+ the winter sun and how she falls and rises
+ logging miles, in shorts
+ book reading and movie watching; the feeling of hibernating and going to bed so early its silly but wonderfully acceptable too


on the first weekend with snow

there were all the cozy things: slippers and blankets and candles and coffee and wine.  Home projects and a thai dinner from the stove. Savoring it all, so champagne with breakfast on Sunday and wings and dip for football watching.  We played in the snow and stayed in just about all weekend -- enjoying the fun and hibernation of it all.

taking stock || January

Friday, January 22, 2016

Making: goals and resolutions for this new year 
Cooking: all my favorite soups and stews -- homey, winter food
Drinking: coffee everyday, & on the weekend with Bailey's -- have you tried it before?!omg.
Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Wanting: a food processor // new gym clothes 
Looking: out the front window, winter mornings are quite possibly my favorite kind of mornings
Playing: with the idea of becoming a yoga/pilates instructor
Wasting: time worrying, always.
Wishing: for a fireplace
Enjoying: January, more than I ever have before
Waiting: for these vivid dreams to go away
Liking: winter and this feeling of hibernating
Wondering: what it will be like to a family of 3{four, counting Lucy} someday. Dreamy, I suppose.
Loving: a scene from earlier this week : under the covers and in bed by 8 -- his and hers books, in the dim light with a snoring pup in-between.  It was so lovely and cozy and for a minute I could see us 50 years from now doing the same exact thing. 
Hoping: for a bit of snow this winter
Marveling: at my Lucy girl, and how 6 months ago we didn't know if she would still be with us 
Needing: new tires \\ to power wash the back patio \\ get the carpets and couches cleaned // chop down the dead tree in our front yard -- #adulting
Smelling: the north pole Yankee candle, a lingering Christmas scent making our living room merry & bright, still.
Wearing: a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf every time I leave the house-- winter accessories are just so fun
Following: our new "only 1 eating out a week" rule and its way harder than it sounds! 
Noticing: winter sunsets and rises -- peaceful and breathtaking, silhouettes and shadows and the most vivid violets I ever did see
Knowing: oh man just "knowing" would be wonderful, this "up in the air" stuff is for the birds
Thinking: of my grocery list and how snow is coming, so I better grab some milk and bread right? isn't that what you do?
Feeling: wanderlusty -- Mexico? California? Italy? 
Bookmarking:  tropical dresses and bikinis 
Opening: the back door in winter to let Lucy out and thinking how it is such a luxury 
Giggling: often
Feeling: encouraged and hopeful

on a sunday

Monday, January 11, 2016

with all the homey feels of sleeping in and sipping coffee slowly, a big sunday morning breakfast and a homemade bloody for him, windows open and the last Christmas candles flickering, flip flops in the still green grass, pine needle sweeping, dish washer humming and naps all around, soup makings from our holiday ham, afternoon walks, book reading and a Hozier playlist on a loop, ending with blankets and evening snacks, football, and dozing off early.

days like this, simple and yet full of the best possible things -- are what I live for.