full of promise || happy new year

Friday, January 8, 2016

happy twenty sixteen! a new year ahead, full of promise and hope, its both refreshing and exciting -- like opening a fresh jar of peanut butter or having a new pair running shoes ready for the first run....

I tend to make goals and resolutions -- not in a rigid, clean slate sort of way just a, "lets try our damndest to make this new year better than the last" hip hip!

We rang in the new year in Asheville, NC with best friends -- vacationing and adventuring, is quite possibly the best way to celebrate a clean calendar and be excited to what she has to offer.

so here's to:

MORE: saving, date nights in, running & spinning, novel reading, social interaction, family time, putting myself out there, adventuring, doing, intent, creating, photo taking & framing, writing, home+yard improvements, races(3!), gardening, boat rides & fishing, patience & hopeful, prenatal vitamins!, baby sitting, time with God, gratitude, laughing/smiling/loving, living.

LESS: control, perfection, social media, shopping, day dreaming, habit, rules, over-planning, booze, caffeine, defensiveness, comparison, procrastinating, wanting.

and so a glass clink to you and to you and to you!  welcome welcome twenty sixteen.


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