taking stock || January

Friday, January 22, 2016

Making: goals and resolutions for this new year 
Cooking: all my favorite soups and stews -- homey, winter food
Drinking: coffee everyday, & on the weekend with Bailey's -- have you tried it before?!omg.
Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Wanting: a food processor // new gym clothes 
Looking: out the front window, winter mornings are quite possibly my favorite kind of mornings
Playing: with the idea of becoming a yoga/pilates instructor
Wasting: time worrying, always.
Wishing: for a fireplace
Enjoying: January, more than I ever have before
Waiting: for these vivid dreams to go away
Liking: winter and this feeling of hibernating
Wondering: what it will be like to a family of 3{four, counting Lucy} someday. Dreamy, I suppose.
Loving: a scene from earlier this week : under the covers and in bed by 8 -- his and hers books, in the dim light with a snoring pup in-between.  It was so lovely and cozy and for a minute I could see us 50 years from now doing the same exact thing. 
Hoping: for a bit of snow this winter
Marveling: at my Lucy girl, and how 6 months ago we didn't know if she would still be with us 
Needing: new tires \\ to power wash the back patio \\ get the carpets and couches cleaned // chop down the dead tree in our front yard -- #adulting
Smelling: the north pole Yankee candle, a lingering Christmas scent making our living room merry & bright, still.
Wearing: a coat, gloves, hat, and scarf every time I leave the house-- winter accessories are just so fun
Following: our new "only 1 eating out a week" rule and its way harder than it sounds! 
Noticing: winter sunsets and rises -- peaceful and breathtaking, silhouettes and shadows and the most vivid violets I ever did see
Knowing: oh man just "knowing" would be wonderful, this "up in the air" stuff is for the birds
Thinking: of my grocery list and how snow is coming, so I better grab some milk and bread right? isn't that what you do?
Feeling: wanderlusty -- Mexico? California? Italy? 
Bookmarking:  tropical dresses and bikinis 
Opening: the back door in winter to let Lucy out and thinking how it is such a luxury 
Giggling: often
Feeling: encouraged and hopeful

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