lessons lately...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

...perspective perspective perspective.  especially in the most royally upsetting situations, is the best and sometimes only way to live in this topsy turvy, unpredictable kind of world.

...no booze February -- is honestly, harder than I thought it would be -- but! in the same breath, more rewarding and enjoyable and more fun than I thought too.  To lose weight, cleanse our systems, save money, ect. we chose{the shortest month of the year,btw}to not drink.  yes we are crazy in all sense of the word, but its eye opening and kind of exciting too.   i.e. We went to a spin class together on Sunday morning instead of going for bloody's and we SuperBowl partied with soda! But having to get creative with a Valentine's date that isn't centered around wine, is certainly a challenge.  I'll update this at the end of February, if I survive ;)

...have a favorite time of the day and enjoy it.  savor, breathe, relish.  Run, do yoga, drink 3 cups of coffee, sit & write. take that time and be fully present in the joy of your moment.  Do what makes you the happiest and do it fully without abandon; remember, its part of what makes you uniquely you.

... be genuine.

...wash your face, keep hand lotion by your bed, take off your makeup -- skincare 101, never too late to learn.

... having the grace to know when to say something or to not or to act a certain way or not --- is hard, but beautiful and comes with age; which is the silver lining I suppose.

...take a break.  Sore and tired from yesterday's workout, can't seem to even must the energy to let alone think of tackling the day, feeling off and not quite yourself? Take a break, take the day to refresh.  Do yoga instead of running the miles you told yourself you had to.  Take a coffee & book to the beach sit uninterrupted and leave when want, not when you have to.  Call your mom, or better yet, go see her-- her hug is therapeutic enough.

...never underestimate the power of : new clothes, going for a walk, having dessert.  (but maybe not in that order or it could become problematic)

...don't compare where you are in life to where others are in theirs.  Still learning this, its a hard one.

... blog, but only because its for you. As with any hobby, really.  I can get lost for hours looking through old posts on this blog; our memories, photos, experiences -- lazy weekends and full adventures.  I love having them documented and seeing our simple life and thoughts along the way. So at those times when I waiver about continuing, I pause and remember if its enjoyable to me still, continue, if not then don't.


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