Friday, February 12, 2016

waking up to gentle snow flakes and french press coffee

a kiss goodbye and an extra "i love you" in the morning before he leaves for work

with your best girlfriends-- chatter all around it fills the room; or quietly and passionately listening to one another

red lips and red wine and a little black dress

big spoon little spoon

a reminder from dad, to lock all windows and doors tight and to get new tires

tail{nub} wags and toe kisses from the companion who waits for you by the door

palm leaves and coconut smells, sun kissed skin and hearts full-- of life and adventure and friendship

hands intertwined-- under the table, in the truck, while experiencing somewhere new, or old  --- holding on is what matters

just because's and special occasions

sharing a pizza, sharing a blanket, and maybe sharing the remote-- cozying up, with him.

your moms tight hug and listening ears, always always always.

dark chocolate and champagne bubbles

moments so good they paralyze you and completely take your breath away

genuine compliments and unexpected kindness

the smile and sweet giggle from a tiny babe or active child, because they like you

ocean waves with a setting sun or rising one

laughter between siblings, which is more often jokes at each others expense but also the unwavering devotion to be there, whenever.

heart shaped foods, particularly of the breakfast variety -- with fresh hot coffee and mimosas

and who am I kidding, fresh flowers for the table, because I'm a girl and its Valentine's Day!!



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