no-booze february

Monday, February 29, 2016

With a determined and spirited[ha!] mindset and in an effort to lose weight and "cleanse systems" -- my husband decided in January, more than likely over a glass of wine, that February would be a month with no-booze.  As for me of a competitive nature and always up for a challenge, to be a good wife and encourager I decided to play along and give up booze too.  I didn't expect to lose any weight, I figured it would be fun and insightful for us a couple.  And I didn't want to be the only one downing wine on Valentines day.

So for the entire month of February we have neither consumed or purchased alcohol.  Sound easy? Impossible?  For us it was a bit challenging at first, but certainly not impossible and more rewarding/enlightening than I imagined.

A few things we noticed during our no-booze February...

--money: we saved a lot of it,  almost mind boggling at how much.  You don't really think putting one bottle of wine in your grocery cart is a lot, but over the entire month of not purchasing it, it can add up quickly.  We even started playing a guessing game when we received our receipt when eating out. "Look at that! So cheap!"  When you don't order alcohol your dinner bill is inexplicably cheaper.  It felt good to see the extra money in our wallets.

--weight: My weight stayed the same, maybe even gained a pound or two{maybe its muscle?!} but as for Chris, in addition to exercising almost six days a week, eating healthier, and giving up booze; it is safe to say he has lost at least ten pounds!  I am so proud of him and he looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  Although the fairness in it all makes me slightly annoyed.  MEN. ugh.

--activities: Without our default "dinner and drinks" to fall on we were left to rethink some of our dates and time together.  We started going to a nine o'clock spin class together on Sunday mornings, we ran on the boardwalk and then got juice smoothies afterwards, we did go to dinner and drank green tea with our sushi.  We were content in staying in on Saturday afternoon, sharing a pot of tea and reading or watching tv.  It was calm and peaceful, and actually really fun.

--relationship: The good news is we actually still like each other!  Only kidding, of course we do -- but I would say our time spent together seemed sincere and refreshing and pure.  We laughed a lot and talked a lot too, even without a glass of wine in hand, it felt very grown up.  I may even love him a bit more after doing this together.

-- health {Mind & Body}: For Chris along with the weight loss, he said he felt "more rested and focused."  He traded in his nightly after-work beer for a workout, which he said had the same stress relieving effect. I like to joke that his liver and other organs probably thank him for the booze break too.  As for myself I didn't lose much weight, if any, but I too felt rested and just a bit more "clear headed" in general.   I was able to push myself harder in workouts, I ran faster and felt stronger.  I learned things about myself, like one usually does when embarking on a personal challenge; things to learn from and work on.  Bettering oneself is such a beautiful and unending process isn't it?

The take-away? this was a positive experiment with good lifestyle insight, and a overall health centered challenge that opened our eyes and closed our wallets, which is always a win.  This month taught me to be more conscience and less habitual when it comes to drinking.  And while we may not continue on for a no-booze march, I am certain we will think and live a little differently thanks to this boozy or lack there of experiment.



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