simple joys

Friday, February 19, 2016

february's are for hibernating and coffee drinking and cozy slippers and staying in for the night/weekend/month.  I love february mostly for the almost life-like feel to her coziness.  Days passing into a week and then two.  If you were worried, don't fret -- we are still here; in our chunky knit sweaters and plaid robes savoring the calm winter weather, readying for life and warmer months ahead.  That is what you do in February afterall right?!

simple joys that are filling me up as of late:

+ white tulips in mason jars for the table
+ early bedtimes and sunrise waking
+ one pot of chamomile tea with two mugs
+ house dreaming || looking || planning
+ sushi & spin class dates x2!
+ the comfort in sitting next to one another, not having to exchange a single word, just knowing the other is there -- with you, forever.
+ pastels and chinos and gingham and stripes upon stripes. Spring clothes are quite possibly my favorite. oh le sigh, j.crew.
+ a poem here a poem there, picking this book up daily -- filled up or breath taken away -- Chasing the Light
+ winter afternoon walks or sharing a blanket together, with my Corgi girl
+ our deep and irrevocable love for asian food is especially fierce this winter -- gyoza and sushi and drunken noodles on repeat
+ an inch of snow on the ground is cause for snowman building, the neighbors kids know the drill
+ weekend mornings-- for sleeping in and french press coffee and extra time to laze or practice yoga or make snack bars
+ a most crisp blue winter sky and a chunky knit scarf to keep rosy cheeks warm


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