grateful this morning.

Friday, March 4, 2016

for good vet visits and a happy, healthier Corgi girl.   off her steroids and still managing to wake me at dawn for her yummy breakfast.  I can't help but hope to have a few more great years with her.

for a weekend getaway! -- driving south to sunny and [hopefully]70, old stomping grounds, girlfriends embrace, and the inevitable fun that is sure to be had.

for the independence and calm and french press to myself, when he is away -- but mostly, I love the feeling my heart has when he returns.

for trader joes and their $5 roses and olive oil and wine.  and all the delicious foods I can't seem to live without.  also for filling our freezer so my husband has something to eat while I'm away.

for sweet phone calls from mom; sharing and listening and then hearing about the dates her and my dad went on over the weekend. oh it made my heart so utterly full.

for a five year anniversary -- us and this city, our home.  such an adventurous and enriching place for us to create our story.

for early signs of spring: daffodils and bird song and the light of day lingering, for baby chicks and first blossoms and one last wear of that winter sweater.

for simple joys this week: new nail colors in the prettiest shades of spring, short sleeve weather if just for a day, curled up with tea and the oscar winner Spotlight, Fuller House with my happy preteen, dark chocolate sea-salt almond clusters!?!, and Randy Travis crooning from the radio forever and ever, amen.
happy march!
happy friday! 
happy weekend!

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