Tuesday, March 15, 2016

a little housekeeping to be done, literally and figuratively.

it seems life lately is full of simple and lovely little things : of whisking widows open and sweet time in my kitchen -- making sunday supers and weekend breakfasts and homemade lemon curd. of flowers in mason jars and happy dirt on your knees. of later light and bare shoulders and toes with fun pops of springtime color. of talking and creating plans for that sweet season of summertime.  of blossom checks every time you leave the house--more anew every day.

this space is so sweet to me but sometimes I treat it like a task or hold it to rules, and that I'm learning is just plain silly.  and so a little more sharing of where I am personally.

peering out into the big beautiful unknown ocean from a tiny comfortable wading pool -- is a metaphorically nice description of how I'm feeling as of late.  splashing around in the known because its easy and comfortable but also itching for something new and knowing its time too.  diving head first is what's next, unnerving and exciting all in the same breath.

also lately, I've been learning and living and growing through situations out of our control.  starting our family with the unknown 'why's' and 'whens' of this time in our life is quite personal and rather difficult to open up and share through. sometimes knowing what to do gracefully, is hard.  just the daily 'up in the airiness' of the whole thing, is the hardest part I think.  but in a sweet sort of happenstance I've been hearing a lot of heart wrenching and gut hitting advice lately.  things to the tune of, "I've been there.  You think your life is supposed to follow this timeline, because everyone else's life seems to be. But it doesn't work like that. No one's life does. I had to let go of my own timeline and my expectations for it. I took care of the things that were in my control, and for the things that weren't, I just had to let my life be what it was going to be."  
So yes, yes to letting go of expectations and finding peace in where I am now.  Opening widows and closing doors and allowing new breezes of acceptance and opportunity float in.

sorry for all the puns, alliterations, and metaphors, they just flow so abundantly out of this lofty head of mine.  they're silly kinda and fun too.  which is all very much me.  



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  1. no apologies necessary. I often look at your pictures and your writing and think somehow your life is perfect. Today the piece indicates it is not and that, somehow in a perverse sense, gives me hope- life is a journey and a formation of character. That you for having the courage to share. Some people try so hard to be perfect but perfection is more befitting of the dead. Glad you and I are alive