march miscellany

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a few favorite moments from march:
+ my girls weekend south, laughter and love between friends and just the best "girls days" I can remember
+ that burger at fork and cork -- possibly the best of my life
+ Spring blooms on every little branch and tree.  life after winter is so wonderfully sweet.
+ irish fare and leftover green beer
+ making and sharing lemon curd and the infamous lemon coconut cake
+ lazy evenings at home, sharing our day over dinner and house of cards
+ being in my kitchen, windows open and making things with my hands, so good for my soul
+ Easter weekend with family; food and laughter and a full house
+ neighborhood walks with Lucy-- also the great shed of spring [so much furrrr]
+ playing at the park with my almost-4year old godson and pondering this crazy thing called time
+ forming all the best plans for this spring, the first grass mow of the year, and new sandals for the season


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