taking stock || march

Friday, March 25, 2016

Making: lemon curd for easter gifts and lemon coconut cake
Cooking: with healthy and fresh ingredients.  Feels so good after winter. 
Drinking: honey vanilla chamomile tea 
Reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn & When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
Wanting: a day to dig in the dirt and plant herbs 
Looking: forward to our upcoming trip to Texas next week! Cowboy boots, texmex food, and back porch sitting with family
Playing: at the park with a best friend and her babes this week was such a highlight
Wasting: time watching the real housewives, but oh gosh I love it so
Wishing: my baby brother a happy{and safe} 21st birthday next week. Seen also as, making me feel old as dirt.
Enjoying: March Madness! these few weeks of nonstop games make me the happiest 
Waiting: to buy the cutest baby moccasains 
Liking: paper straws and lemon in my water--Making me feel fancy and so I drink more of it.  However shallow it is, it gets the job done.
Wondering: if anxiousness will ever go away 
Loving: lazy evening scenes; as much as dinner on the couch is a bad habit, we do it often, but most of the time we don't watch TV. We talk and laugh and relive our day to each other.  The after dinner routine is just as nice--dog snuggles and hot tea and off to bed early, because we're old and we don't care.  A peaceful and boring little life, just how we like it sometimes.  
Hoping: to visit the outer banks soon -- beach driving and camping and jimmy buffet on the radio
Marveling: at how suddenly and powerfully an emotion or memory can hit you; straight in the heart, springing tears to eyes, leaving you with feelings you didn't know you had.  Memories of my Dad are just so bittersweet.  
Needing: to get the A/C in my car fixed. asap.
Smelling: Springtime air and I think its the best.
Wearing: Essie's marshmallow on my nails--honoring the season of Easter properly
Following: highway 17 all the way down North Carolina to my island home-- country roads take me away
Noticing: birdsong and first blooms from cherry blossoms and lady banks roses--pops of color and greening tree tops. Spring is giving me all the feels this time around.
Knowing: and doing are two utterly and completely different things. 
Thinking: about dinner and the upcoming weekend. always always always. 
Feeling: determined
Bookmarking: vacation destinations
Opening: a fresh bottle of coffee creamer and how it is like the first dip into a jar peanut butter, aka heaven.  
Giggling: at Lucy and how she bosses me around and how I just take it like a champ. 
Feeling: happy

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