Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a weekend away to the port city, I have so many favorite places in north carolina but this one may top the list. exploring and relishing and adventuring with your best friends does help too. 

a girls weekend filled with all the right things: brunch at basics, morning mimosas with fresh berries, late nights spent talking sharing loving, afternoon coffee and shopping, sweets at the ready, homemade cocktails before dinner, and the best burger of my life at fork and cork.  

saying goodbye to them is always hard. our until-next-time's are getting longer in between, but such is life.  these women, they are my heart and soul -- I am ever grateful for their love and friendship, and I think we are lucky ladies to enjoy this life together.  

I read this last week, timing is such a funny thing isn't it?  I believe this to be so true, it ran through my head all weekend long -- 
Friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories, but they are often discussed as if they are ancillary, 'bonus' relationships to the truly important ones. Women's friendships outlast jobs, parents, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, and sometimes children."
-The Triumph of the Platonic Rom-Com


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