Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I promise it hasn't been all flannel and robes and slippers this winter -- we got dressed and went out for sushi a few times.  I kid, but these winter months just seem to say, "stay in tonight, snuggle up, order in, its too cold out and who needs real pants anyways!?"  amiright or amiright?

we're good at cozy -- comforting bowls of stew, warm mugs of tea, slippers at the ready and flannel everyday.  paw prints in the snow and silhouettes and shadows with a winter sky, both favorites.  

but lately I've seen the light of day linger a bit longer and felt the warming sun on my skin; a season change worth relishing in.  Perhaps it is almost Spring.  

As our days of hibernating fade, I can't help but think how much I've enjoyed this season and how cozy it has seemed.  The pup, my husband and me, we winter well together it seems.  


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