april miscellany

Friday, April 29, 2016

everything right now it seems is green, growing and beautiful.  readying the yard and house after hibernating all winter, is truly what april has been about--and missing him, lots of that too.  more days apart than together, dinners for one, and major dog cuddling, but we survived.  eager for adventures and porch sitting and enjoying late spring life as us again.

a few april favorites:
+ a not long enough visit to Texas, for boots and tex mex and family-- nurturing relationships and wishing they weren't a plane ride away
+ the chopped salad of my dreams and an easy homemade dressing that is so good on everything
+ herbs and flowers in pots and therapeutic digging/weeding with the warm sun on my back, also corgi grass rolling is high on my list of ultimate favorite spring things
+ a new blender for all those smoothie recipes I dream about
+ white cut offs and brown strappy sandals
+ the new dinner menu and drinks at our favorite brunch spot-- making it our new favorite place for dinner
+ a glorious visit from mom, having her here in my home; to shop and share salads and stories over coffee and tea-- a mom who is also a best friend is the greatest blessing, truly.
+ sunday champagne on the patio and the most delicious Greek party hummus plate for two


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