(in)famous lemon coconut cake

Saturday, April 9, 2016

I excitedly planed to bake a lemon coconut cake for Easter this year, trading in my traditional best ever carrot cake for something a little different.  Many lessons were learned while baking this cake, one being --Don't stray from tradition.

Baking something new for the first time is always a bit daunting, but I felt confident I could take on this 3 layer frosted and lemon curd infused challenge with ease.  False.

It all went smoothly until it was time to assemble and decorate. I blatantly ignored the recipes direction to slice the tops off the cakes --to make an even layer-- I didn't really see the point and didn't want to toss away fresh cake. In addition to that, I don't think I let the cake layers cool long enough.  Thus warm, uneven cake with cold frosting and room tempeture lemon curd made for a big gooey lopsided mess! It would have been the perfect cake to take to the Mad Hatter's tea party.

As I was layering and frosting, the cakes just kept slipping and sliding.  The cold frosting melted and oozed down the sides, as I hurriedly and reluctantly attempted to salvage the mess.

At this point I was crying, over a cake.  I knew it was silly, but I was so excited/confident to bake this cake and present it to my family.  It just goes to show when things don't turn out as planned, I act like a toddler.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall in my kitchen during this frosting scene, how funny to watch a girl cry over a cake.  Through tears and sticky frosting hands I was truly seconds away from throwing the whole cake in the trash, but alas I decided to be an adult and make the most out of a disappointing situation.

I frosted what I could, covered the whole darn cake in shredded coconut and tossed it in the fridge; praying the refrigerator would work its magic and keep the cake together, at least until it was time for cutting.  And I must report, as lop sided and partially frosted as it was -- I brought home an empty cake stand.  It truly was a delicious cake after all.  Funnily enough I toted this cake to two different Easter lunches and sent the rest home with my brother in college, breakfast he called it!

A huge applause to my family, for not only enduring my overly dramatic worry over a silly cake but also for being brave enough to eat cake that may or may not have fallen on the counter.

the take away: --most importantly follow directions!! -- allow to cool for at least six hours or so -- don't overwork the batter! -- room temperature everything, except maybe the lemon curd -- and if all else fails cover, garnish, and refrigerate!!

also, don't be so hard on yourself or so dramatic -- its just life/or a cake

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