so here's to --

Thursday, April 14, 2016

yellow dusted window panes and birdsong flowing in. brown strappy sandals. digging in the soil and watching things grow. neon t-shirts and cut off shorts, with a sweater at the ready. iced coffee breaks. curly hair for days. mornings to run. lovely fat rain drops that give way to pots of tea and magazine flipping.  fresh asparagus on the grill.  tulips in mason jars. spinach salads with gorgonzola. fresh cut herbs from the backyard garden. weekend mornings tending to grass cutting and weekend evenings out for a cocktail.  afternoon boat rides.  plump ripe strawberries from a farm down the road.  neighborhood dog walks to spot flowering azaleas. bare feet in fresh cut grass and a cold beer in hand. umbrella sitting. saturday drives to the outer banks. crisp rose' and kitchen dancing. spring.

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