Wednesday, April 20, 2016

we were together, and I forgot the rest.

two short days at home and then he was gone again, but those days were like gold to us.  Spring in full force so time in the yard and work in the herb garden.  afternoon naps and then a cocktail on the water and trying the new dinner menu at our favorite brunch spot.  finishing up chores{taxes!} and planting flowers on sunday, ending with champagne under our umbrella to celebrate.  the biggest and best hummus platter for dinner, greek food oh how we love thee. we can feel the fun of the season like sun on our skin, or more appropriately the pollen on porch swings.  days filled with outdoor chores, adventures, and plans -- its best when enjoyed together, don't you think?

at times I worry about the quality of my photos -- not always perfect but not sharing  because it lacks perfection is something I'm working on.  balancing between becoming a better photographer and less of a perfectionist all while continuing to share what inspires this heart of mine is hard work sometimes.  thank you thank you for understanding.


  1. Looks like you had such a lovely weekend.

    Natasha |The Night is Wild

  2. I agree, I love when you share all your photos because it gives me a glimpse into your life in between our {not often enough} girls' weekends. And I think all these pictures are pretty close to perfect :)