may miscellany

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a few things I want to remember about this may:

+ firsts of the season--beach days, cookouts, NC shrimp, garden roses, and sun kissed skin
+ falling in love with a blender
+ raindrops outside -- snuggled under blankets inside, more than half of may it seemed
+ when the sweet girl you have "nanny-ed" becomes taller than you, truly a bittersweet memory indeed
+ a sushi date with cocktails beachside
+ surprising mom on her birthday, with me!
+ crisp rose' to cheers the season and a long holiday weekend
+ he fixed the weed eater!! && power washed the back patio!!
+ mellow days that passed quickly, and all of sudden a summer season upon us


taking stock || may

Saturday, May 28, 2016

making: smoothies with fresh fruit, everyday.  his, in the morning to sip on his way to work -- mine after the gym enjoyed under my blue umbrella. 
eating: the best homemade vinaigrette  on all our salads.  we joke that we would bathe in it if we could, if that tells you anything.  
drinking: crisp rosé.
reading: the love season by Elin Hilderbrand
listening: to the gentle hum of the air conditioner and his Hozier pandora station, because it is so much better than mine.
watching: movies on weeknights and thinking its a nice treat. making weekdays feel a little less so. 
bookmarking: burger recipes and baby shower invitations 
wanting: wayfarer's and a new panama hat.
looking: forward to summer and all her potential, and glory and adventure
waiting: for the fireflies and blackberry picking
enjoying: mornings on the patio. coffee and corgi exploring{she found a lizard} before the day begins and the heat rises and while the breezes still exist.
wondering: how people live without Traders Joe's? i think i'm obsessed.
loving: three day holiday weekends -- cheers to the unofficial start of summer!
hoping: to get the boat in the water soon.  we feel a little behind this year and are itching to spend summer days the best way we know how.
marveling: at how cool and dreary spring was and how summer weather in all her glory, is suddenly upon us. 
needing: a new mattress, its as old as our marriage(7years!) 
wearing: sandals and jean shorts and my hair curly, more often than not
smelling: fresh cut herbs and garden roses and french press coffee in the early morning light
noticing: stronger muscles and the urge to run distance again. 
knowing: these next few months will be utterly full of life, fun, and magic.  i can already feel it! || birthday parties, baby showers, vacation, 4th of july traditions, his 30th!?, family reunions, cookouts on the water to celebrate family and summer and togetherness||
laughing: through tears is an emotion i can't quite figure out -- but i love it so 
thinking: our backyard is starting to resemble the Jungle Book and is in need of some serious shrub/tree trimming. 
daydreaming: of babies and hard wood floors and a giant backyard to plant a garden
wishing: the iPhone 7 would hurry its self up already.  i'm rocking a 5 and although i like to think i don't care too much, i do. 
feeling: grown up.  i'm really embracing my late 20's --reveling fully the in the independence and adult feel of life and how we spend our days; all the while still, with frequent doses of impromptu adventure and fun of course. 

on my table.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

because they were five dollars at Trader Joes, because it has rained for seven days straight, because I needed a smile.

normally not one to purchase day lilies, but these beauties called to me from a bucket as I was filling my basket at Trader Joes.  they make think of my best friend because they are her favorite -- as well as my dad because they are his least.  the smell!{?}

they have become even lovelier as the days go on -- a smile here, a smile there -- proving their worth ten times over.


when spring is cool and wet and grey

Monday, May 23, 2016

you can find us here, snuggled together waiting out the rain drops and cool spring days -- savoring, relishing, and yet dreaming and planning.

for whatever reason, coming to this place has felt burdensome and uninspiring as of late, as unintentional as it was, a healthy little break is so good sometimes, don't you think?  no better reason than just because and so a pause; until it isn't.  as the weather warms and hours of sunlight dance further in the evenings I know I will feel the pull towards this little spot of mine in the web.

also, thanks for reading and stoping by all this time, gosh almost five years!?  quite a little victory if you ask me.  be back soon.


lessons lately

Saturday, May 14, 2016

.....when you are in a funk that you just can't seem to shake -- get a hair cut, go wild at Trader Joe's i.e. white wine+champagne and a pounds plus dark chocolate bar(for baking of course), go for a run, weed the herb garden, buy a new bikini, call your mom+talk to your best girlfriends, go to bed early, wake up late, snuggle with your dog -- and for maximum results do all of the above.

....if you don't feel like talking, sharing, blogging--Don't.

....homemade smoothies are simply amazing. shout it to the rooftops, where have you been all my life!? amazing.  hopping aboard the healthy smoothie train late as usual, but now that I see its magic, my life will never be the same.  current favorite  < almond butter+banana+sweetened cashew milk+blue berries > hands raised emoji!

....Champagne is never a bad idea.

....mowing grass in running shoes will turn said shoes green.  mowing grass in flip flops will result in getting poison ivy.  mowing grass in cowboy boots will give you blisters.  choose wisely.

....having your mom visit you in your city and stay in your house, sleeping under the roof you pay for instead of the other way around is quite possibly one of the most rewarding and grown up feelings I've had in my late twenties.  also, treating her to dinner and margaritas and shopping at HomeGoods/TJMaxx is certainly the cherry on top.

....pasta bowls for those spiralized veggie dinners -- total GAME CHANGER.

....when spring is cool and wet and cloudy for days, weeks on end -- savor it.  Laze about in the morning just a little longer, make one last pot of soup, keep your favorite flannel shirt at the ready, let the grass grow and don't bat an eye at it; a different sort of spring this year, also learning not to compare life to years past -- dream onward, forward.

....if you fall and hit your eye on the corner of the deadbolt lock, go to the doctor.  also, go get it rechecked a month later, even though doctors and eyeball touching are at the top of your "fears and anxiety" list.  if only for clarity and peace of mind, go.

...daily monotony isn't a bad thing, embrace the calm and slightly boring -- it never lasts long.

....put yourself in someone else's shoes, try to always give the benefit of the doubt, everyone has something going on in their life -- choose love and kindness instead of judgement.