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Saturday, May 14, 2016

.....when you are in a funk that you just can't seem to shake -- get a hair cut, go wild at Trader Joe's i.e. white wine+champagne and a pounds plus dark chocolate bar(for baking of course), go for a run, weed the herb garden, buy a new bikini, call your mom+talk to your best girlfriends, go to bed early, wake up late, snuggle with your dog -- and for maximum results do all of the above.

....if you don't feel like talking, sharing, blogging--Don't.

....homemade smoothies are simply amazing. shout it to the rooftops, where have you been all my life!? amazing.  hopping aboard the healthy smoothie train late as usual, but now that I see its magic, my life will never be the same.  current favorite  < almond butter+banana+sweetened cashew milk+blue berries > hands raised emoji!

....Champagne is never a bad idea.

....mowing grass in running shoes will turn said shoes green.  mowing grass in flip flops will result in getting poison ivy.  mowing grass in cowboy boots will give you blisters.  choose wisely.

....having your mom visit you in your city and stay in your house, sleeping under the roof you pay for instead of the other way around is quite possibly one of the most rewarding and grown up feelings I've had in my late twenties.  also, treating her to dinner and margaritas and shopping at HomeGoods/TJMaxx is certainly the cherry on top.

....pasta bowls for those spiralized veggie dinners -- total GAME CHANGER.

....when spring is cool and wet and cloudy for days, weeks on end -- savor it.  Laze about in the morning just a little longer, make one last pot of soup, keep your favorite flannel shirt at the ready, let the grass grow and don't bat an eye at it; a different sort of spring this year, also learning not to compare life to years past -- dream onward, forward.

....if you fall and hit your eye on the corner of the deadbolt lock, go to the doctor.  also, go get it rechecked a month later, even though doctors and eyeball touching are at the top of your "fears and anxiety" list.  if only for clarity and peace of mind, go.

...daily monotony isn't a bad thing, embrace the calm and slightly boring -- it never lasts long.

....put yourself in someone else's shoes, try to always give the benefit of the doubt, everyone has something going on in their life -- choose love and kindness instead of judgement.


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