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Saturday, May 28, 2016

making: smoothies with fresh fruit, everyday.  his, in the morning to sip on his way to work -- mine after the gym enjoyed under my blue umbrella. 
eating: the best homemade vinaigrette  on all our salads.  we joke that we would bathe in it if we could, if that tells you anything.  
drinking: crisp rosé.
reading: the love season by Elin Hilderbrand
listening: to the gentle hum of the air conditioner and his Hozier pandora station, because it is so much better than mine.
watching: movies on weeknights and thinking its a nice treat. making weekdays feel a little less so. 
bookmarking: burger recipes and baby shower invitations 
wanting: wayfarer's and a new panama hat.
looking: forward to summer and all her potential, and glory and adventure
waiting: for the fireflies and blackberry picking
enjoying: mornings on the patio. coffee and corgi exploring{she found a lizard} before the day begins and the heat rises and while the breezes still exist.
wondering: how people live without Traders Joe's? i think i'm obsessed.
loving: three day holiday weekends -- cheers to the unofficial start of summer!
hoping: to get the boat in the water soon.  we feel a little behind this year and are itching to spend summer days the best way we know how.
marveling: at how cool and dreary spring was and how summer weather in all her glory, is suddenly upon us. 
needing: a new mattress, its as old as our marriage(7years!) 
wearing: sandals and jean shorts and my hair curly, more often than not
smelling: fresh cut herbs and garden roses and french press coffee in the early morning light
noticing: stronger muscles and the urge to run distance again. 
knowing: these next few months will be utterly full of life, fun, and magic.  i can already feel it! || birthday parties, baby showers, vacation, 4th of july traditions, his 30th!?, family reunions, cookouts on the water to celebrate family and summer and togetherness||
laughing: through tears is an emotion i can't quite figure out -- but i love it so 
thinking: our backyard is starting to resemble the Jungle Book and is in need of some serious shrub/tree trimming. 
daydreaming: of babies and hard wood floors and a giant backyard to plant a garden
wishing: the iPhone 7 would hurry its self up already.  i'm rocking a 5 and although i like to think i don't care too much, i do. 
feeling: grown up.  i'm really embracing my late 20's --reveling fully the in the independence and adult feel of life and how we spend our days; all the while still, with frequent doses of impromptu adventure and fun of course. 

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  1. your insight and depth perpetually amazes me.