june miscellany.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

so its summer and apparently all I can do is document boat rides, food, cocktails, sunsets and my dog -- the marrow of life I suppose.

a few things I want to remember:
-celebrating seven happy years of marriage with boat rides and rose'
-magic 5 cookies, also know as oatmeal chocolate chip butterscotch coconut pecan cookies. iknowright.
-the smell of fresh cut grass and charcoal on the grill
- bike rides on the boardwalk for lunch and to the neighborhood dock for sunsets
- patio sitting, the most wonderful time of the year
-weeknights with him, big salads and the newest season of OITNB--so so good
-fresh shrimp, summer tomatoes, and shucked corn on the grill.  also, avocado on everythinggg
-a lady day with pedicures and sangria, sharing memories and laughs-- loving each other while in our different life phases, such a blessing to have friendships like these
-he makes the best homemade margaritas and strawberry gin smashes-- reveling weekend life
-the first day on the boat this season, perfect way to ring in the first day of summer
-a birthday party for our godson who turned four!? and taught us the right way to eat a cupcake!
-counting fireflies
-anticipating the rest of summer, like a dream it seems

also this quote, which I read somewhere and loved immediately.
--"Never despise the mundane. Embrace it. Unwrap it like a gift. And be one of the rare few who look deeper than just the surface. See something more in the everyday. It's there" -Lysa Terkeurst 

happy summer friends


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