july miscellany

Friday, July 29, 2016

things I want to remember about this july --

+ seeing my best friends baby bump for the first time! squeals of joy and tears of love and excitement
+summer thunderstorms and a corgi who snuggles close during them
+ our annual 4th of july weekend celebration, the best one yet I think
+ juicy cheeseburgers, cold beer, and fresh peel n eat shrimp
+ bike rides with mom, my brother, myself, and even ones with Chris skating behind-- summer transportation
+ fresh seasonal peaches, blueberries, blackberries, zucchini, corn, basil, and tomatoes -- just to name a few
+ blueberry and blackberry picking & jamin'
+ beach walks with mom, the one when we watched kite surfers--in particular
+ beach volleyball! with fun friends and inevitable sore muscles
+ dog days of summer, staying in staying cool with homemade strawberry daiquiris & game nights with cards against humanity and the best belly laughs
+ kitchen dancing and airport pickups, they go hand in hand
+ boat rides to lunch or to the beach or out in the bay -- my captain and me
+ brunch at Bay Local almost every sunday this sweet july, you might say its our favorite
+ dreaming of more summer days, more sun, and more life to live

fruits of the season

Thursday, July 21, 2016

pick your own blueberries! blackberries! and flowers!!  well, you know my heart almost couldn't handle all the happiness it was experiencing. an afternoon of berry picking always includes stained hands and finding shade under the blueberry bushes. but also memories from when I was little, and that cute boy with curly blonde hair who we found sitting under the blueberries mouth and tshirt stained blue.  I vow to be that mom one day, who takes her kids blueberry picking even in the dead heat of summer; and finds the fun and magic in it, even through the whining.

sending a pie to my mom, for the traditions and sacred memories she so unintentionally bestowed on me.

and now all the jam and pies.


out to sea

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

a day when weather and wind and weekend collide is as my jolly husband says, "a once in a summer kinda day". a summer day to be reveled in.  a quick stop at a favorite brunch spot and then onto the water for a smooth boat ride where the ocean and bay meet; past the lighthouse -- Virginia Beach oceanfront in sight.  fishing and dolphin spotting, never have we seen so many.  such beautiful creatures, I swoon every time they surface.  and then onto the third and fourth islands at the Chesapeake tunnel.  a day fishing and reading and feeling like the entire bay is ours.  boats near and far, but such a private feeling being on the water together, just us two.  well, with rays and sea turtles, crabs and blow fish and dolphins to keep us company.

sunkissed and hungry we headed for home, and yet full with new memories.  we are so blessed to live here in this beautiful place and but more so to have each other to share it with.