so here's to--

Saturday, July 16, 2016

fresh garden basil with ripe hothouse tomatoes, afternoon thunderstorms rolling in quick and leaving just the same, fresh shrimp to peel and fish tacos for dinner, bursts of color in rows of crep myrtles and mimosa trees, cutoff shorts and strappy sundresses, cold beer in a solo cup, fresh cut grass and the smell of charcoal, boat hair, blueberry and blackberry picking and sweating, flip flop and sunglass tans, country music floating from the radio, cold salads of every variety with fat juicy cheese burgers, fruit pies and crisps topped with a scoop of vanilla, American flags flying high, bike rides in the evenings, sand in book spines and the smell of coconut sunscreen, beach bags at the ready, dog days where inside is the only place to be, late night sunsets and firefly counting, calendars full and friends and family to savor, beach towels and bikinis 's on the line, sangria pitchers to share and hot dogs to top. summer.

I hope yours is going swimmingly.

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