august miscellany

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

a baby shower, a 30th Birthday, Olympic watching, & boat rides oh myy.  august was sweet and fun, hot and beautiful, relaxing and yet full -- just how the last days of summer should be.

a few things I want to remember:
+ my Lucy girl, and how one year ago she was so sick, and yet! still here and my favorite happy fluff and constant companion -- how lucky we got.
+ his love and surprise over balloons, irony in the beauty of turning 30!
+ Olympics watching!!! also, Stranger Things in one weekend
+ camping on Ocracoke island, exploring highway 12, and stargazing --all with my best friend
+ dinners with mom and dad, and my brother and my nephew, and my sister on my island home
+ coffee date to play catch up, with the woman loves of my life
+ showering our best friend, momma-to-be, and tiny babe -- oh what a fun and joyful day
+ afternoon boat rides for fishing with mango crushes to follow
+ getting our fill of grill nights and peel & eat shrimp
+ fresh cut locks for me, for when you need a change right!?

officially still summer for a few more weeks which makes me smile and yet -- cool breezes, yellowing of leaves and the thought of apple picking is sure making my heart sing

my best friends baby shower

Thursday, August 25, 2016

last weekend my best friend allison and I had the honor of hosting a baby shower to celebrate our best friend and momma-to-be, jessica!

it was such a treat hosting the shower with allison -- she has such amazing and creative ideas & is truly a wonder with speeches and game creating. I couldn't have done it without her.  months and months ago allison had suggested having a biscuit bar for the shower! I loved the idea, but when jessica told me of her cravings for biscuits & pimento cheese, we knew it was kismet!

burlap and mason jars and fresh flowers on the table, doilies and straws for lemonade -- a rustic picnic shabby chic baby shower was perfect for this little bundle who may be a boy or a girl!?  as thank you's we gave homemade jams and butters and I must admit I was glad to take a few home for myself.

it was such a fun afternoon of celebrating momma-to-be and for us, best friends becoming aunties.  such a joyful season awaiting this little babe.  I can tell, they are already so very loved.

surreal and beautiful to see my best friend in this new light; we, all three of us, are so lucky to have one another, celebrating each other, encouraging one another, and delighting in the women we are, with each stage of life and whatever they may bring.


a pond on the farm

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

my parents have a farm, or what we've called a farm since I was little.  Its a beautiful property in North Carolina minutes away from the beach, which is part of the allure I think; an escape from island life at times is necessary.  I must admit, my two brothers and mom and dad are the heroes who have worked this land into the beautiful farm it is today.  they love it, the farm and the hard work I think -- they sure are good at it and passionately dedicated to it.

this year my parents added to the property,  buying the small pond at the entrance to our farm -- making this place feel complete, they truly can't stay away from water afterall.

on my visit home recently, I walked the pond and farm with my parents; showing me all the hard work they've done and talks of future dreams and plans to come, made me overwhelmingly happy.  it was something special, the whole visit --being with them alone, a very rare occurrence when you have four siblings, seeing their excitement and pride in the land and work they've done,  planning future celebrations around the fire pit and farm house to come!  this is their passion and life they've crated, truly a moving thing to see as their child.

a rare photo of my parents makes me smile so big -- although getting dad to sit still, smile, and be quiet is near impossible -- oh I love them so!