a pond on the farm

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

my parents have a farm, or what we've called a farm since I was little.  Its a beautiful property in North Carolina minutes away from the beach, which is part of the allure I think; an escape from island life at times is necessary.  I must admit, my two brothers and mom and dad are the heroes who have worked this land into the beautiful farm it is today.  they love it, the farm and the hard work I think -- they sure are good at it and passionately dedicated to it.

this year my parents added to the property,  buying the small pond at the entrance to our farm -- making this place feel complete, they truly can't stay away from water afterall.

on my visit home recently, I walked the pond and farm with my parents; showing me all the hard work they've done and talks of future dreams and plans to come, made me overwhelmingly happy.  it was something special, the whole visit --being with them alone, a very rare occurrence when you have four siblings, seeing their excitement and pride in the land and work they've done,  planning future celebrations around the fire pit and farm house to come!  this is their passion and life they've crated, truly a moving thing to see as their child.

a rare photo of my parents makes me smile so big -- although getting dad to sit still, smile, and be quiet is near impossible -- oh I love them so!


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