to celebrate his 30th --rodanthe

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

our next stop along the outer banks landed us in Rodanthe -- a fun and hippy campsite with roosters and kite surfers and breath taking views.  another drive to our spot in the sand,  we arrived early and stayed late, with wicked sunburns to show for it.  after a full day and dinner of fried shrimp and fries we headed home, I must admit the august heat slayed me.

a celebratory few days for him, doing what he loves most -- I couldn't have dreamt of a better way to cheers to his thirty years!

to remember:
+ tailgate sitting and cocktail sipping far past the sunset
+ picnic on the beach and from coolers -- chips and salsa, grapes and hummus, and turkey sandwiches with pickled onions
+ Lucy met a corgi friend and learned how to swim, sorta.  (she hates it, but cools her so)
+ Kite surfers and catching their dance up and down the shore on this world renowned east coast spot, they make it look so easy
+ he caught two rays! and seaweed
+ sitting side by side in our rainbow colored chairs letting the waves kiss our feet
+ jimmy buffett crooning through the radio and with a cold beer in hand
+ how it felt to endure the heat & live adventurously and then come home to air condition and our lumpy bed


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