Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I haven't been in this space for quite a while so I feel the need to do a big exhale -- of thoughts, updates, fun -- life has been moving along swimmingly quite the same as it always does, time is faithful like that.

September already, mere hours of summer remain.  summertime was a blink to me, did yours feel the same?  I think going on vacation in early September leaves you feeling a bit lost, seasonally speaking.  Summer one week and Autumn the next -- not a complaint, I will never complain about pumpkins and farmers markets, boots and sweaters, apples and football; its just strange, I mean I just put aloe on my skin and bikinis away.

there is something I love so much about going away.  there's beauty in vacation, of course the relaxing and adventuring but also the escape of daily life only to return invigorated! fresh ideas and plans and the hope of actually seeing these newfound desires through!   on my list: yard work every afternoon I can! -- procrastinated home improvement projects, begun! -- blog more, run more, worry less.

speaking of blogging....I love it I really really do.  I sit sometimes and read old posts{is that vain?} enjoying and savoring; reliving memories through this little site is still so precious to me.   But sometimes, a lot as of late,  I just don't know what to say? or share; and honestly our life feels a little  mundane.  I LOVE it though, don't get me wrong,  there is peace and beauty in the mundane and boring.  I just don't know if you want to hear about my gym routine or how we eat at the same brunch place every weekend.  my conclusion is this, I will blog when I want to and when I feel creatively inspired.  maybe, I haven't felt that lately or my creativity is changing, or maybe its because I'm getting old and go to bed so darn early its silly.  probably that.

oh I'm not sure if you were wondering or knew, but the answer is yes, we are desperately wanting and trying to start a family.  it has been a bit of a journey that we've taken lightly, predicting and hoping things would happen as naturally as possible, because doesn't it work that way most often?! well, for us it has turned into a longer road than I ever expected, and now after a few years we are hoping to get a little more serious.  still praying and staying faithful, but more medical endeavors as well.  we need a child, sending daily updates and pictures of our dog is getting a little ridiculous ;)  I hope this clears up any vagueness or wondering minds.

And still, this straight to the heart advice is still where I turn on those days that creep up and I want to temper tantrum how unfair life can seem....
"You think your life is supposed to follow this timeline, because everyone else's life seems to be. But it doesn't work like that. No one's life does. I had to let go of my own timeline and my expectations for it. I took care of the things that were in my control, and for the things that weren't, I just had to let my life be what it was going to be."
some of the best life wisdom, I think.

as always, thank you for stopping by chamomile and whiskey its a treasured little spot of mine.
and happy september friends, it is seriously one of my favorite months of the twelve.

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