oh mexico || sounds so simple I just have to go || pt 1

Thursday, September 22, 2016

When our best friends declared they were going to Mexico this September to vacation, we just simply couldn't let go of the idea of going with them!  We love Mexico and these type of vacations are so relaxing, so decadent -- it was just the cherry on top to travel and adventure again with some of our favorite people on the planet.  I think when you find friends you vacation well with, you should do it and cherish it as much as humanly possible.  and so we did!

We had another amazing week in Mexico, and stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun. We had the best time and certainly enjoyed every aspect of the "all-inclusive" lifestyle -- a fun, easy, and apparently our favorite way to vacation!

The weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms daily, but those Mexican clouds rolled in and rolled right back out again!  We've got the best tans and lines to prove it!  Rainy season my foot.  The rare afternoon thunderstorm was almost welcomed, giving us a break from the sun and perfect napping weather.

We spent most of our time hopping from the white sands beach to the pool; lazy river floating and lounging in the sun.  The food and drinks here were delicious-- but the service was truly what made this resort shine!  just one tiny example: our pool waiter walked around the entire lazy river to deliver us our drinks as we floated along -- only then to remember us the next day, bringing double orders of everything!  they sure know how to win a girl over.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the resort or traveling to Mexico -- and I would absolutely recommend staying at the Excellence Riviera Cancun if you are considering vacationing here.

 There are just so many memories I don't want to forget --

+ arrival champagne and cocktails, celebrating us four in Mexico, once again
+ feasting our eyes upon our rooftop view & pool!? silly & extravagant, but so so worth it
+ roof top party numero uno
+ sunrise views in matching white robes and sleepy morning faces
+ breakfasts feasts of our dreams; tortilla chips and made to order eggs and bacon, enchiladas and mole sauce, peanut butter toast and fresh pineapple, ahi tuna and seared duck, and always two mimosas to cheers with
+ our daily post breakfast stop at the aroma and sweets bar -- our favorite ||coffee|| bar in the morning, savored fully with a cookie for me and news paper reading for him
+ white sand between your toes with a magazine in one hand and a cold iceberg in the other {half beer half frozen margarita}
+ under the umbrella for him, under the sun for me
+ main pool party, meeting new friends and enjoying old ones
+ watching him paddle board like a pro on his first attempt, of course I wasn't surprised
+ savoring big showers and double vanity bathrooms!
+ tipping in pesos and how it is still such a novelty to me
+ blue skies above and swimming in turquoise waters below
+ his spanish consisted of: cerveza, tequila, hola! señor, por favor, and buenos días! oh how I love him.

photos from saturday and sunday, arrival day and full day one of vacation
* just a reminder for myself, an ocd way I like to remember vacations ;) 

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