oh mexico || sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low || pt 2

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I must say our days in Mexico seemed long, in the very best of ways!  Waking at dawn to watch the sunrise from the roof, then to breakfast and the coffee shop; each day varied slightly from there starting at the beach and then heading to the pools or enjoying our rooftop with a pool party.  Afternoons of lounging in the lazy river or napping during a thunderstorm, or my favorite, on our roof catching afternoon rays and watching the sun sink low.   Mexico nights were filled with dinner and drinks and always some fun thrown in.  Crawling into bed rather early most nights, exhausted and full and yet eager for another Mexico day.  I certainly know these are the moments and memories of days we will cherish for years and years to come.

More memories not to forget --
+ a tequila sunrise watching the sunrise, only in mexico
+ paddle boarding together-- him to the reef, me closer to shore, I wasn't as brave/crazy; and yet wanting to buy boards of our own to have at home
+ double kayak adventure with only one argument and no capsizing, a true success!
+ pool fun with games and lizard holding with a favorite tropical cocktail creation: malibu, soda water, splash of pineapple!
+ the flat bread pizzas from the brick oven -- pepperoni and jalepeno to share
+ coco loco time! the rush to the coconut stand to grab a crafted cocktail with coconut milk and too many spirits to name--they were so so good.
+ a private catamaran ride around the resort captained by my husband! his sailing lessons from long ago, thankfully still fresh in his mind -- so skilled that man of mine!
+ a lazy river afternoon --working up appetites for quesadillas, nachos, and guacamole! with sips of tequila of course
+ lizard feeding! he loved eating the hibiscus flowers out of our hands and we loved capturing it
+ fresh juices at the revive bar then afternoon naps and movie watching in bed, a rarity for us as we don't have a television in our at home bedroom
+ meeting at the martin bar || the fancy bar for fancy drinks
+ dinner with the Connors -- tapas at Flavor Market and sushi and sake at Spice, over favorite dinners of vacation by far, the company included!
+ morning beach walks, dark clouds won't scare us away
+ pool rooftop party numero dos! with an obnoxious amount of delicious room service to follow!
+ tequila tastes better in mexico -- also his new favorite, Mezcal
+ wedding ring and watch tan lines with fresh aloed skin
+ late night hooka, front row shows seated four to a tiny couch, sports bar tricks, and late night karaoke! my girl Allison, is a rock star by the way -- nights here didn't disappoint and we missed our friends terribly once they left

photos from monday, tuesday, and  wednesday --vacation days two, three, and four
* just a reminder for myself, an ocd way I like to remember vacations ;) 


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