oh mexico || way down here, you need a reason to move || pt 3

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Even more things I don't want to forget:
+ We became newspaper people 
+ umbrella sitting and ocean swimming, a beach walk and rehydrating with the infamous coconut drink
+ an authentic Mexican fiesta and feast! unknowing to us, September 16th is Mexican independence day.  so we fiesta'd like no mañana! cheer-sing with margaritas under piñatas and a full mexican moon is truly a memory of a lifetime 
+ morning coffee and a rousing game of chess, I almost won! -- not really.
+ instead of a visit to the city or going on an excursion we decided to indulge in a spa treatment--an hour of hydro therapy and long couples massages with chocolate foot wraps?! and glasses of cold champagne to finish --the most relaxing and decadent experience of my life; another lifetime memory made in Mexico
+ playing pool and shuffle board together, just as we did on our honeymoon
+ speaking in spanglish to each other and everyone else -- for days on end
+ rooftop sitting on our last afternoon in Mexico-- soaking up as much sun and ocean views as we could, sipping tequila while listening to music and watching the sun fade
+ dinner and cocktails as the "last day of vacation sads" eased in -- and of course we needed a late night room service pizza to ease our pain
+ one last sunrise and a room service breakfast feast on our last day-- our flights out were late so we squeezed in as much as we could -- beach, pool, and one more pizza with a coffee to go!  We soaked up every ounce of our Mexican vacation
+ ending our trip at the airport by buying a few bottles of tequila, a silver necklace for me, and cheer-sing in margaritaville with made in mexico cervezas! is there truly any better way to leave Mexico?!

More amazing memories for my lifetime, ever grateful for these adventures and experiences.  I certainly owe the grandest thank you to my husband for once again taking me on such a beautiful and relaxing vacation.  I am one lucky girl to have you by my side, for these adventures, memories, and life. You sure do make life fun my love.  

photos from thursday, friday, and saturday-- days five, six, and seven of vacation
* just a reminder for myself, an ocd way I like to remember vacations ;) 

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  1. Beautiful! I think my favorite pic though has to be the brunch shot! Love seeing your pretty curls too. Thanks for sharing these highlights!