october miscellany

Monday, October 31, 2016

a few things I want to remember about our October:

+ fall fishing in matching plaid paired with a crisp hard cider, his kind of date
+ pumpkin in soup and muffins and on porch stoops and countertops
+ kickball is fun!  and more competitive than I thought, Chris isn't too bad, but I certainly am not
+ best friends who welcomed their first born, precious baby BOY--oh how I cannot wait to meet him!
+ neighborhood walks with Lucy, a new habit that has us both swooning
+ spooky movies & pizza with homemade dough!!!
+ first pots of chili with a side of football
+ burnt orange leaves and pink october sunrises
+ apple cider cocktails on saturdays, a new autumn tradition
+ cool autumn mornings, leaving windows open and so cozy slippers and french press coffee by the mugful
+ a hot dog costume and pumpkin chili, hocus pocus and reese cups -- october sprit at its finest


a few small things that made my week.

Friday, October 28, 2016

+ a morning snap chat from my husband -- which undoubtedly made me laugh out loud, in yoga class.  choose a guy who always tries his hardest to turn your frown into a smile, of this I am grateful.
+ porch pumpkins and potted chrysanthemums in the perfect shades of autumn
+ calls from mom for fashion advice, that turn into long chats about anythings. my mom always, but my best friend as well, oh what a wonderful gift -- a cherry on top!
+ beef stew for dinner just as octobers chill found its way here, kissmint most definitely.
+ springing for the coat I've eyed for a few years now & thinking of all the cozy places to wear it! also, a before 30 bucket list item to check off!
+ this crazy corgi girl who head dives right into our laps after dinner, literally she makes life more fun.
+ phone calls and sweet texts, smily baby pictures and sweet toddler videos, & a bridal shower invite to boot!-- sent from afar with love, to share with me-- even as our lives differ our love deepens.
+ the halloween candy still unopened! a hotdog costume dusted off, pumpkin carving planned, casper and hocus pocus to watch with a festive spooky cocktail or two -- october sprit at its finest, hip hip!

taking stock || october

Saturday, October 15, 2016

making: myself break out of comfort zones  -- i.e. joining a kickball league with my husband, running new routes, trying new wine ;)
eating: all the autumn foods -- especially squashes of the fall variety and warm soups with crusty bread and all the toppings.
drinking: pumpkin tea and ice water in a mason jar or a hard apple cider cocktail, if its an October saturday. 
reading: Winter Stroms by Elin Hilderbrand 
listening: to bird songs and gentle yet crisp breezes and the hum of the outside world-- a windows open autumn.  
watching: Netflix documentaries -- I'm quite enthralled.  also because I've given up reality television and I am such the better for it. 
bookmarking:  all the Slow cooker recipes from this new cookbook! anybody else read cookbooks like novels, cover to cover? also, putting pumpkin in chili this weekend, so I'm excited. 
wanting: a new holiday dress and this coat!  tis the season fancy and fun, for upcoming parities and weddings and celebrations.  ok and while I'm at it a new shade of red lipstick, jazzing up date night one kiss at a time. 
looking:  forward to my birthday! because I am 13 or 29. oh whatever.
waiting: impatiently for my iPhone 7 to arrive on my doorstep. because I'm shallow and worldly and irrevocably sick of my dinosaur 5
enjoying: the cooler days and early morning runs -- easing back into running and yoga because after a break, my heart has found its way back, these are my true passions of that I am certain.  
wondering: if my best friend's sweet babe is a boy or a girl!! a long nine month wait is coming to and end in the upcoming days, and I cannot be more excited for their new adventure.
loving: weekend adventures 
hoping: to fit in all the fall activities of my dreams this season -- corn maze-ing, pumpkin carving, oyster roasting, fire pit sitting, apple picking, fall fishing, farmers marketing, chili eating...
marveling:  at time, and how fast she flies, this year has certainly felt like a blink
needing: to get better at calling my girlfriends and far away family.  my excuses are lame -- we are all busy, there is never the perfect time, but not telling them I love them regularly or hearing about their daily lives makes my heart sad and lonely. a better friend, sister, granddaughter, aunt -- is something I need to strive to be. 
wearing: soft flannel with blue jeans and yet flip-flops. still.  
smelling: the sweet aromas of fall scented candles, chili in the crockpot, and french press coffee from this mornings second pot
noticing: the grim realities of aging closer to 30 which are in full force now-- including but certainly not limited too-- slower metabolisms, aching body parts, evening news watching, earlier bedtimes, wiser decisions[sometimes]....
knowing: would be quite honestly the loveliest gift
trying: to figure out my style again. stuck in a late-twenties phase of hating everything I try on.  constantly wondering am I too old/young for this? who even am I?! where do I fit in?! 
laughing: hysterically through every episode of The Office.  Rewatching the series has made our week nights full of wit and belly laughs and "that's what she said" jokes.  I love it.  
thinking: of Christmas gifting, lists, and ideas, already it seems
daydreaming: of a cabin with mountain views and a roaring fireplace; cozying together after a day of hiking with a bottle of red and a hot tub to soak our feet in
wishing: for a baby corgi or a baby human.  or both!! 
feeling: ready for a bit of change 

petite joys

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

just a few things I want to remember --

the traditional visit to trader joes for pie pumpkins, sunflowers and all the pumpkin flavored things.  playing hooky(mother approved) with my sweet preteen--an outing to starbucks and Target, an afternoon I won't soon forget, hopefully never.  the way october's first morning light glistens over treetops, Autumns first chill and the inevitable shoe basket digging for fuzzy slippers, October afternoons warm enough to sit outside with a book but also to sip steamy pumpkin tea-- the way Fall never fails to slay me.  How Lucy lays her head in his lap or snuggles close in the crook of his arm, a daddy's girl through and through.  "His girls" he calls us, oh how I hope and dream of giving him more to come. Writing my best friends due date on the october calendar and my daily prayer for the sweet babe who will be here so very soon.  The new flannel hanging in my closet and the possibility of paring with it boots and a date to do very autumn things with my willing companion.  On my yoga mat or dusting corners of our brick ranch to the tune of classical music -- Beethoven and Debussy over and over again.


a list before 30...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

of the few things I truly know about myself of these I am certain... I am timely, a forever morning person who needs precious coffee as soon as my toes hit the floor, live irrevocably according to the seasons, love a good book-glass of champagne-a very large crisp apple, and is a passionate and productive list  maker -- as I near my upcoming birthday, the classic age of 29, I could never approach this memorable time, the last moments of my second decade, without a good ol fashioned to-do list!!

a few things I would love to do before the age of 30....

run a half marathon race

fly somewhere solo -- a first time for everything!

learn how to and successfully poach an egg -- heck while I'm at it learn how to make a great eggs Benedict!

travel somewhere new in the US \\ travel somewhere new out of the US

create photo albums from our Mexico vacations and our wedding, finally!

go one month booze free \\ go one month vegetarian

grow out my eyebrows

make a pie, fully from scratch

successfully learn to do a headstand in yoga

host a dinner party

travel to Las Vegas! play blackjack, dance, and let adventure, youth, and hilarity ensue

surprise my husband with something wonderfully sweet and fun, and fully funded by myself

learn how to shoot photos in manual

raid my moms closet!

master the art of pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce

try surfing for the first time

take an all-girls getaway trip! somewhere new just us to celebrate our life, love, & friendship

improve my wine knowledge and palate

buy myself something fancy, shiny, or extravagant

learn how to drive a manual

take my mom on a vacation, just us two

volunteer somewhere, pick a cause and pay it forward -- do and act instead of dream and hope

get professional portrait photos taken

do something incredibly spontaneous, adventures, out-of-character, and slightly frightening

visit a winery

go technology free for an entire weekend

buy a paddle board!

go camping on the beach

get pregnant

a mere 30 or so challenges, dreams, and adventures to accomplish in just the handful of months ahead; sounds exciting, romantic, and slightly delusional -- I'm all in.

and if any of these do not get accomplished -- I'll just add them to my before 40 list!