a few small things that made my week.

Friday, October 28, 2016

+ a morning snap chat from my husband -- which undoubtedly made me laugh out loud, in yoga class.  choose a guy who always tries his hardest to turn your frown into a smile, of this I am grateful.
+ porch pumpkins and potted chrysanthemums in the perfect shades of autumn
+ calls from mom for fashion advice, that turn into long chats about anythings. my mom always, but my best friend as well, oh what a wonderful gift -- a cherry on top!
+ beef stew for dinner just as octobers chill found its way here, kissmint most definitely.
+ springing for the coat I've eyed for a few years now & thinking of all the cozy places to wear it! also, a before 30 bucket list item to check off!
+ this crazy corgi girl who head dives right into our laps after dinner, literally she makes life more fun.
+ phone calls and sweet texts, smily baby pictures and sweet toddler videos, & a bridal shower invite to boot!-- sent from afar with love, to share with me-- even as our lives differ our love deepens.
+ the halloween candy still unopened! a hotdog costume dusted off, pumpkin carving planned, casper and hocus pocus to watch with a festive spooky cocktail or two -- october sprit at its finest, hip hip!

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