a list before 30...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

of the few things I truly know about myself of these I am certain... I am timely, a forever morning person who needs precious coffee as soon as my toes hit the floor, live irrevocably according to the seasons, love a good book-glass of champagne-a very large crisp apple, and is a passionate and productive list  maker -- as I near my upcoming birthday, the classic age of 29, I could never approach this memorable time, the last moments of my second decade, without a good ol fashioned to-do list!!

a few things I would love to do before the age of 30....

run a half marathon race

fly somewhere solo -- a first time for everything!

learn how to and successfully poach an egg -- heck while I'm at it learn how to make a great eggs Benedict!

travel somewhere new in the US \\ travel somewhere new out of the US

create photo albums from our Mexico vacations and our wedding, finally!

go one month booze free \\ go one month vegetarian

grow out my eyebrows

make a pie, fully from scratch

successfully learn to do a headstand in yoga

host a dinner party

travel to Las Vegas! play blackjack, dance, and let adventure, youth, and hilarity ensue

surprise my husband with something wonderfully sweet and fun, and fully funded by myself

learn how to shoot photos in manual

raid my moms closet!

master the art of pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce

try surfing for the first time

take an all-girls getaway trip! somewhere new just us to celebrate our life, love, & friendship

improve my wine knowledge and palate

buy myself something fancy, shiny, or extravagant

learn how to drive a manual

take my mom on a vacation, just us two

volunteer somewhere, pick a cause and pay it forward -- do and act instead of dream and hope

get professional portrait photos taken

do something incredibly spontaneous, adventures, out-of-character, and slightly frightening

visit a winery

go technology free for an entire weekend

buy a paddle board!

go camping on the beach

get pregnant

a mere 30 or so challenges, dreams, and adventures to accomplish in just the handful of months ahead; sounds exciting, romantic, and slightly delusional -- I'm all in.

and if any of these do not get accomplished -- I'll just add them to my before 40 list!

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  1. I may need to steal this list as I can't believe how quickly 29 is flying by. I hope pregnancy journey is short and sweet.