petite joys

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

just a few things I want to remember --

the traditional visit to trader joes for pie pumpkins, sunflowers and all the pumpkin flavored things.  playing hooky(mother approved) with my sweet preteen--an outing to starbucks and Target, an afternoon I won't soon forget, hopefully never.  the way october's first morning light glistens over treetops, Autumns first chill and the inevitable shoe basket digging for fuzzy slippers, October afternoons warm enough to sit outside with a book but also to sip steamy pumpkin tea-- the way Fall never fails to slay me.  How Lucy lays her head in his lap or snuggles close in the crook of his arm, a daddy's girl through and through.  "His girls" he calls us, oh how I hope and dream of giving him more to come. Writing my best friends due date on the october calendar and my daily prayer for the sweet babe who will be here so very soon.  The new flannel hanging in my closet and the possibility of paring with it boots and a date to do very autumn things with my willing companion.  On my yoga mat or dusting corners of our brick ranch to the tune of classical music -- Beethoven and Debussy over and over again.


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