taking stock || october

Saturday, October 15, 2016

making: myself break out of comfort zones  -- i.e. joining a kickball league with my husband, running new routes, trying new wine ;)
eating: all the autumn foods -- especially squashes of the fall variety and warm soups with crusty bread and all the toppings.
drinking: pumpkin tea and ice water in a mason jar or a hard apple cider cocktail, if its an October saturday. 
reading: Winter Stroms by Elin Hilderbrand 
listening: to bird songs and gentle yet crisp breezes and the hum of the outside world-- a windows open autumn.  
watching: Netflix documentaries -- I'm quite enthralled.  also because I've given up reality television and I am such the better for it. 
bookmarking:  all the Slow cooker recipes from this new cookbook! anybody else read cookbooks like novels, cover to cover? also, putting pumpkin in chili this weekend, so I'm excited. 
wanting: a new holiday dress and this coat!  tis the season fancy and fun, for upcoming parities and weddings and celebrations.  ok and while I'm at it a new shade of red lipstick, jazzing up date night one kiss at a time. 
looking:  forward to my birthday! because I am 13 or 29. oh whatever.
waiting: impatiently for my iPhone 7 to arrive on my doorstep. because I'm shallow and worldly and irrevocably sick of my dinosaur 5
enjoying: the cooler days and early morning runs -- easing back into running and yoga because after a break, my heart has found its way back, these are my true passions of that I am certain.  
wondering: if my best friend's sweet babe is a boy or a girl!! a long nine month wait is coming to and end in the upcoming days, and I cannot be more excited for their new adventure.
loving: weekend adventures 
hoping: to fit in all the fall activities of my dreams this season -- corn maze-ing, pumpkin carving, oyster roasting, fire pit sitting, apple picking, fall fishing, farmers marketing, chili eating...
marveling:  at time, and how fast she flies, this year has certainly felt like a blink
needing: to get better at calling my girlfriends and far away family.  my excuses are lame -- we are all busy, there is never the perfect time, but not telling them I love them regularly or hearing about their daily lives makes my heart sad and lonely. a better friend, sister, granddaughter, aunt -- is something I need to strive to be. 
wearing: soft flannel with blue jeans and yet flip-flops. still.  
smelling: the sweet aromas of fall scented candles, chili in the crockpot, and french press coffee from this mornings second pot
noticing: the grim realities of aging closer to 30 which are in full force now-- including but certainly not limited too-- slower metabolisms, aching body parts, evening news watching, earlier bedtimes, wiser decisions[sometimes]....
knowing: would be quite honestly the loveliest gift
trying: to figure out my style again. stuck in a late-twenties phase of hating everything I try on.  constantly wondering am I too old/young for this? who even am I?! where do I fit in?! 
laughing: hysterically through every episode of The Office.  Rewatching the series has made our week nights full of wit and belly laughs and "that's what she said" jokes.  I love it.  
thinking: of Christmas gifting, lists, and ideas, already it seems
daydreaming: of a cabin with mountain views and a roaring fireplace; cozying together after a day of hiking with a bottle of red and a hot tub to soak our feet in
wishing: for a baby corgi or a baby human.  or both!! 
feeling: ready for a bit of change 

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