November miscellany

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

a few things I want to remember about our november:

+voting on election day and its eve glued to the news awaiting the results with the rest of the country, --world.
+ late autumn days when slippers and scarves were a must, but also days leaving coats hung at home and flip flops on feet once again!  an awfully curious weather month this november.
+ a new iPhone making me giddy and worldly and yet inspired to snap more life moments once again
+ falling in love with a cookbook and making recipe after recipe from its pages
+ Harry Potter marathons and pumpkin cheesecake researching
+ how snuggly our little Corgi has been lately -- healthy, feisty, and loving her afternoon walks(seen also as demanding them)
+ a birthday weekend celebrated; complete with flowers and champagne, steak and a pizza party, love and wishes from near and far-- 29, a grand celebration.
+ running miles and miles finally once again. the strength, determination, and endurance I feel is enchanting.
+ golden autumn leaves falling, like magic
+ his determination to enjoy our fire pit at least once this november, and yet in his excitement he forgot about pants?!
+ cozy nights in, with dinner and wine and our newest Netflix obsession -- Shameless.
+ that beach run to the point(the end of the island) and then back to the pier -- rewarded with an unharmed sand dollar, a true gem.
+ the Thanksgiving holiday, and the days of rest and togetherness and offers of prayers and thanksgiving for having so much, indeed.
+ trying oysters for the first time ever!! and actually liking them! a cracker with lots of sauce and spice is a must though.
+ pumpkins off the porch and twinkle lights awaiting a tree -- a holiday season upon us and mere days left in this sweet sweet year.

we gave thanks

we gave thanks -- for an island home that is a mere drive away.  for extra time to pack up cheesecake and flowers and bring his boat for hopeful fishing days. for pizza night with boxes on the table and family gathered round.  for fire pit weather and the laughing, sipping wine, and star gazing that goes along with it. for a pre-turkey trot round the island and on the beach. for family and oysters and traditions. for turkey plates and ham and pie and too many sides.  for the abundance of food and the unrealistic promise to simplify next time around. for the kids table and still being able to sit at it.  for pumpkin cheesecake, pecan and pumpkin pie all on one dessert plate(guilty).  for football and naps by the fireplace with dogs gathered at foot.  for unseasonal 70 degree days and putting off shopping if only for a bit, to enjoy a beach walk with mom and a run to the end of the island and back again. for leftovers.  for fishing days in the inter coastal(for him).  for restful hours spent sipping coffee and cocoa, chatting the day away with my parents.  for friends who are family.  for family and their unwavering love for their children. for our countless blessings, the ones we see and some we don't.  for a season upon us full of light and joy and peace -- may we all be ever-thankful for it.



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

a few things I want to remember:

white roses and dark chocolate with salted caramel the best birthday gifts to oneself. a sunset walk on friday eve, enjoying autumn colors through and through. a perfect way to pass the time, we were waiting for him to get home, both us girls.  cheese and olives with crisp white wine to sip, and then red in the kitchen before dinner by the fire, on our tv.  homemade Bolognese sauce which simmered for hours.  spending the last hours of 28, the best way I know how.  a birthday greeting at the hour I was born, he always remembers and I am still brought to tears when he does. up before the sun solely to watch her rise and the off to an early morning spin class, because I love it so. {reveling in this space I'm in with my body -- finally, after so many hard years on her I've found the key -- true self love and balance.  at 29 I am in quite possibly the best shape, mind and body, the truest gift to myself.} coffee together and breakfast for him, served on a tray because its sweeter that way.  sunny and 70 unseasonable for November, another sweet little gift. we went walking around stores to see what we could see, sipping on Starbucks as a treat.  a sure sign of our aging was not buying anything-- other than wine.  afternoon naps and tea kettle whistling.  birthday calls, greetings, wishes-- warmed my heart so.  birthday anticipation and excitement, with a dash of realism and sadness for good measure. dressing up for our dinner date, cheers'ing to 29 with birthday champagne. an over the top decant birthday dinner with pomp and circumstance, steak and potatoes, cheesecake and whiskey.  how it felt to turn 29.


lasts of 28...

Friday, November 18, 2016

just a few small things I want to remember this week, my last moments of 28...

running miles again, & how ever did I forget the restorative power of it?  easing my anxious mind while serving as time to brainstorm christmas gifts!?

warm afternoon walks with my corgi girl, around our neighborhood almost every day this week

how Tuesday just plain stunk.  and yet, days like this help to keep things in perspective.  without clouds how would one appreciate the sun?

Moroccan spiced chickpea bowls for dinner -- my new found infatuation with Indian and Moroccan
cuisine is intense

early morning yoga, whispering prayers of thanks for this body, for focus to be present in each moment, and for strong spines and soft hearts, always.

sock throwing, tea drinking, foot rubbing, dog snuggling, and netflix watching -- typical weekday nights with my guy and my pup

anything with salted caramel! & cooking sweet potatoes in the crockpot!?  and why oh why has it taken me almost 29 years to discover these life changing gems???

sharing birthday weeks with my sweet Madi girl-- the big 1-3! this week and oh man, my heart can hardly stand it.

being asked, "so how do you really feel about turning 29" 😳🎉💪💃🍷🍷🍷


inspiration will come

Monday, November 14, 2016

 I told myself when my new phone arrived, with its fancy shamcy new camera(s) I would be inspired again to photograph the world around me and feel the pull and desire to share my aesthetic on this space once again.


a mere five days later, and I guess this is my world and inspiration.  a perfect little window into my soul.  oh I find it humous and slightly sad, but oh so realistic.

tree, dog, nature, dog, coffee, nature, dog, dog, dog, dog+wine. 😎

also I feel the need to divulge that these pictures were all taken with an iPhone 7 plus & in no way edited or filtered. crazy, right?!

also, my snapchat game has reached a new level of cool/shame in getting this phone.  so there's that.

happy monday friends