Tuesday, November 22, 2016

a few things I want to remember:

white roses and dark chocolate with salted caramel the best birthday gifts to oneself. a sunset walk on friday eve, enjoying autumn colors through and through. a perfect way to pass the time, we were waiting for him to get home, both us girls.  cheese and olives with crisp white wine to sip, and then red in the kitchen before dinner by the fire, on our tv.  homemade Bolognese sauce which simmered for hours.  spending the last hours of 28, the best way I know how.  a birthday greeting at the hour I was born, he always remembers and I am still brought to tears when he does. up before the sun solely to watch her rise and the off to an early morning spin class, because I love it so. {reveling in this space I'm in with my body -- finally, after so many hard years on her I've found the key -- true self love and balance.  at 29 I am in quite possibly the best shape, mind and body, the truest gift to myself.} coffee together and breakfast for him, served on a tray because its sweeter that way.  sunny and 70 unseasonable for November, another sweet little gift. we went walking around stores to see what we could see, sipping on Starbucks as a treat.  a sure sign of our aging was not buying anything-- other than wine.  afternoon naps and tea kettle whistling.  birthday calls, greetings, wishes-- warmed my heart so.  birthday anticipation and excitement, with a dash of realism and sadness for good measure. dressing up for our dinner date, cheers'ing to 29 with birthday champagne. an over the top decant birthday dinner with pomp and circumstance, steak and potatoes, cheesecake and whiskey.  how it felt to turn 29.


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