lasts of 28...

Friday, November 18, 2016

just a few small things I want to remember this week, my last moments of 28...

running miles again, & how ever did I forget the restorative power of it?  easing my anxious mind while serving as time to brainstorm christmas gifts!?

warm afternoon walks with my corgi girl, around our neighborhood almost every day this week

how Tuesday just plain stunk.  and yet, days like this help to keep things in perspective.  without clouds how would one appreciate the sun?

Moroccan spiced chickpea bowls for dinner -- my new found infatuation with Indian and Moroccan
cuisine is intense

early morning yoga, whispering prayers of thanks for this body, for focus to be present in each moment, and for strong spines and soft hearts, always.

sock throwing, tea drinking, foot rubbing, dog snuggling, and netflix watching -- typical weekday nights with my guy and my pup

anything with salted caramel! & cooking sweet potatoes in the crockpot!?  and why oh why has it taken me almost 29 years to discover these life changing gems???

sharing birthday weeks with my sweet Madi girl-- the big 1-3! this week and oh man, my heart can hardly stand it.

being asked, "so how do you really feel about turning 29" 😳🎉💪💃🍷🍷🍷


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