November miscellany

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

a few things I want to remember about our november:

+voting on election day and its eve glued to the news awaiting the results with the rest of the country, --world.
+ late autumn days when slippers and scarves were a must, but also days leaving coats hung at home and flip flops on feet once again!  an awfully curious weather month this november.
+ a new iPhone making me giddy and worldly and yet inspired to snap more life moments once again
+ falling in love with a cookbook and making recipe after recipe from its pages
+ Harry Potter marathons and pumpkin cheesecake researching
+ how snuggly our little Corgi has been lately -- healthy, feisty, and loving her afternoon walks(seen also as demanding them)
+ a birthday weekend celebrated; complete with flowers and champagne, steak and a pizza party, love and wishes from near and far-- 29, a grand celebration.
+ running miles and miles finally once again. the strength, determination, and endurance I feel is enchanting.
+ golden autumn leaves falling, like magic
+ his determination to enjoy our fire pit at least once this november, and yet in his excitement he forgot about pants?!
+ cozy nights in, with dinner and wine and our newest Netflix obsession -- Shameless.
+ that beach run to the point(the end of the island) and then back to the pier -- rewarded with an unharmed sand dollar, a true gem.
+ the Thanksgiving holiday, and the days of rest and togetherness and offers of prayers and thanksgiving for having so much, indeed.
+ trying oysters for the first time ever!! and actually liking them! a cracker with lots of sauce and spice is a must though.
+ pumpkins off the porch and twinkle lights awaiting a tree -- a holiday season upon us and mere days left in this sweet sweet year.

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