two thousand sixteen

Saturday, December 31, 2016

oh 2016, you kinda rocked!  a cheers to you as we wave goodbye -- and a hip hip and happy welcome to a new year.

2017, we are ready for you! lets see what you have up your sleeve -- the strouds are ready!🎉🎉


december miscellany

as unintentionally as it was, I sure turned december into a month full of all the Christmas things--
and it was lovely.
a few things I want to remember about our december:
+ Christmas tree hunting and trimming-- maybe my favorite activity of all.
+ seeing two wonderful friends tie the knot! celebrating with them and friends well into the night
+ riding through the lights at the beach on the boardwalk with best friends, and sushi! so.much.sushi.
+ the weekend before Christmas in North Carolina with family-- completely cozy and utterly full, my heart and my belly.
+ santa mugs and Christmas tree admiring, all december long
+ furry coats and chunky knit sweaters, gloves in my purse and cherry red noses -- winters song
+ crack and bark in the Christmas forms -- made at ungodly hours and then tucked away into holiday tins and sent away to friends and family.  or eaten late at night straight from said tin!  I'm utterly ashamed.
+ traditions new and old -- filling our days and loving this season of joy to the fullest
+ Christmas movies and music and red wine a flowing
+ Veuve Clicquot on Christmas morning, nothing quite like it
+ a day after Christmas tradition, how fun Christmas is with kids-- big and little
+ having pink eye-- twice.  remembering this if only to prevent further infection-- also,  always remember to take off your eye makeup at night!!!!
+ a happy holiday chalkboard-- tinselly and festive 

a cozy day after Christmas

Thursday, December 29, 2016

a favorited tradition for us, we spend the day after Christmas with very best friends and their two sweet babes.  this year we brunched on little smokies and delicious monkey bread, mushroom and brie soup and rosemary sourdough bread -- all while playing, present opening, and chatting away with Peanuts Christmas or the Grinch  true holiday classics playing in the background.  and of course there was the replaying of the Christmas story "you'll shot your eye out scene".  boys will be boys and a bb gun is just all too exciting to not enjoy during Christmas I suppose.

Children on Christmas, well that my dear friends is where the real joy and magic lies.  Their tiny smiles and curious grins and happy hearts -- contagious and beautiful and pure.  We are lucky to have friends who let us play and love on their children, while we wait for our own to add to the mix.

Our evening was quiet and cozy in front of our Christmas tree, or rather snuggled on the couch with fuzzy slippers and our corgi girl-- with ham and all the sides, for just us two.  a day after jolly ol' feast, indeed.

merry merry