12 dates of Christmas... on the first date

Friday, December 2, 2016

My true love picked out the best tree in the lot and hauled her on his back all the way home for me.  Not really, but the idea sure is romantic.

Dinner first and tree shopping after, our tradition five years strong.  I also loaded up on poinsettias and a mini tree because I have zero holiday restraint and also because I am my grandfathers granddaughter.  It must also be noted, this love of mine made not a peep about the number of poinsettias purchased(7!)  He really is a gem.

My love then set her up in all her piney glory and rearranged her a handful of times, per my insentience of course, he is so patient with me.   She's awaiting to be adorned with twinkle lights, but for now I will savor her natural look,  along with a steaming cup of coffee in my santa mug.

and with that the season of magic is upon us.
happy december friends!
24 days!


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