a few things that made my week

Friday, December 16, 2016

+ the sunrises, every single one this week, more stunning than the last, a joy truly
+ holiday cards from afar, decorating our fridge
+ firming up plans to meet my best friends new baby boy days after Christmas.  I cannot wait!
+ delighting in fresh morning coffee, in my santa mug by the twinkle of our Christmas tree
+ bundling up in winter sweaters and furry coats, finally it seems -- I've long awaited the days
+ a Target/Starbucks date with my Madi girl -- can I bottle those moments up and keep them forever?
+ Holiday baking in the form of bark and crack, of the Christmas variety of course.
+ gift wrapping, tiding our ranch home, editing pictures -- to the tune of the Nutcracker suite
+ making plans for 2017!? heres looking at you before 30 bucket list!
+ cozy nights in & Christmas movies this week,  Home Alone 2 & Christmas Vacation
+ my anticipation, excitement, and joy -- bags are packed and presents wrapped. we are loading up the sleigh and heading south for the weekend.  a visit to my island home, the weekend before Christmas, a most cherished tradition.  

9 more sleeps!
merry merry!


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