a holly jolly christmas || our eve & day

Thursday, December 29, 2016

our eve and day was filled with traditions, champagne, presents, excitement, love, and good cheer.  christmas music and movies to our fill, a brunch too big for just us two, stockings to plunder, and a holiday punch to sip -- a slow and joyful holiday, we are so very blessed indeed.

a few new traditions I loved so very much this year:
+ me reading us "the night before christmas" together on Christmas eve and him reading from Luke chapter 2 on Christmas morning
+ Christmas eve french onion soup and pumpkin pie -- even though there were so many leftovers
+ a bottle of Veuve on Christmas morning, because duh.

also, watch the spiked Christmas punch, she sneaks up on you.  and keep your freezer stocked with all the good Chinese favorites from Trader Joe's -- you might might change your mind & save the Christmas ham and want gyoza and fried rice for dinner instead!  and let your husband get himself a drone, he's wanted one all year -- and now he can play/terrorize the dog while you spend time in the kitchen.

and something else I wholly want to remember -- the heavy heart and missing my family so irrevocably deep this year.   I love our traditions but I think that is the beauty about making them your own, you can always change them.


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