december miscellany

Saturday, December 31, 2016

as unintentionally as it was, I sure turned december into a month full of all the Christmas things--
and it was lovely.
a few things I want to remember about our december:
+ Christmas tree hunting and trimming-- maybe my favorite activity of all.
+ seeing two wonderful friends tie the knot! celebrating with them and friends well into the night
+ riding through the lights at the beach on the boardwalk with best friends, and sushi! so.much.sushi.
+ the weekend before Christmas in North Carolina with family-- completely cozy and utterly full, my heart and my belly.
+ santa mugs and Christmas tree admiring, all december long
+ furry coats and chunky knit sweaters, gloves in my purse and cherry red noses -- winters song
+ crack and bark in the Christmas forms -- made at ungodly hours and then tucked away into holiday tins and sent away to friends and family.  or eaten late at night straight from said tin!  I'm utterly ashamed.
+ traditions new and old -- filling our days and loving this season of joy to the fullest
+ Christmas movies and music and red wine a flowing
+ Veuve Clicquot on Christmas morning, nothing quite like it
+ a day after Christmas tradition, how fun Christmas is with kids-- big and little
+ having pink eye-- twice.  remembering this if only to prevent further infection-- also,  always remember to take off your eye makeup at night!!!!
+ a happy holiday chalkboard-- tinselly and festive 

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