weekend // the one before Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

over the weekend we drove south to visit family at the beach in North Carolina, our island home.  my mom's house is just filled with cozy Christmastime splendor -- her santa clause collection, our stockings hung by the fireplace, my brothers impressive nutcracker army lined along the wall accordingly, christmas trees and crab pot ones, wreathes and pine and red rugs all along the floor -- I hope to fill our home with collections such as these one day.

we stayed cozied up together at my parents home for most of the visit; morning coffee by the tree too warm for a fire but slippers were still under feet.  We did venture out for a nice lunch visit with his parents to the waterfront city he grew up in, a mere ten mile drive from mine -- oh the serendipity of it is still romantic to me, even now.  We dined on homemade pizza and champagne before opening presents in the evening, over stories and belly laughs.  Mom made ham and eggs for breakfast while we sipped coffee from santa mugs and ate off favorite Christmas plates.  Chris and my brother did some dock fishing in the afternoon while I stayed with my parents -- snacking on popcorn and watching football, and eating way way too much toffee, tis the season I suppose.

on the drive north we dashed by the best lights, a tradition now.  I love the holiday display and enthusiasm these people have, seemingly it grows more impressive each and every year.  Clark Griswold would approve, of that I am certain.

it was so lovely to have quality time with our families, simply enjoying each others company in our sleepy beach towns.  we always talk, of returning here -- leaving our life in our bigger city to this small island community where we grew up.  its romantic to think of being so close to family and the beauty that is small town living.  dream taking maybe, but who knows, someday...


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